Remembering the olden days

My spirits have been sagging the last few days, but I have beat back the depression by digging out some old songs my husband wrote years ago and playing them over and over while dancing around with the children.  There are the silly songs that made the boys laugh ………..”a centipede takes all day to clip his toenails…………a horse can never scratch behind its ear……a skunk can never visit any neighbors………”  Sid wrote those songs long before we had children and we used to sit around listening to them and laugh and laugh.  How did we find time to just sit around and listen to those ridiculously silly songs?  How did he have time to write them?

And then there are the more serious songs, the songs Sid wrote to me.  Yes, they are love songs — sappy, sweet, sincere love songs.  The first one was written 20 years ago.  A couple more soon followed, all written before we were married.  It was precious to remember those times when being with him mattered more than anything else.  I still love being with him (and the children) more than anything else, but sometimes life seems determined to get fast-paced no matter how hard we stand on the brakes.  It becomes all too easy to become too serious and stooped under the weight of our responsibilities.

It has been years since Sid has had time to write more songs, but I think it is time to dig out the recording equipment.  We have eager little helpers now who would love to write and sing silly songs with Daddy.  And now that I think about it, I believe a horse CAN scratch behind its ears………….oh my , we must correct that inaccuracy.  I wouldn’t mind another one of those love songs either.  I’d better make sure I am inspiring him with loving feelings.

Yep, this fast-paced world can just pass us by.  We’re too busy writing silly songs (and love songs).  When we are done with that, we’ll be busy sitting around and listening and laughing to them.  Then, of course, we’ll have to dance to them too. 

2 thoughts on “Remembering the olden days

  1. My personal favorites are “We are chicks who went a-flyin'” and “44 cows”. Though I probably like that last one so much because I was the inspiration for the lyrics.

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