The Getaway Cabin

I had never felt the “need” for a vacation before.  However, Sid’s long hours and the paperwork, faxes, emails, and phone calls trailing him home made me long to leave it all behind.

So we did.  We spent last week in a lovely cabin in the North Georgia mountains.  It was my ideal vacation — nothing flashy or overly stimulating.  It was simply a quiet time to do whatever we wanted.

The children played on the cabin porch while I enjoyed the misty mountain views.  We read books and dined by candlelight.  The boys drank their water from champagne flutes.  We hiked by a stream and spent one afternoon trying to find our way out of a 10 acre corn maze.  Sid took the older three on a train ride while I enjoyed a quiet day tucked on the couch with a blanket and a book.

We traveled to Atlanta one day and saw something we’ve never seen before in our whole lives —– beluga whales!  They were beautiful, peaceful and serene.  I could have sat on a bench in front of their tank and watched their gently smiling faces and graceful movements for hours.   The 15 – 19 feet (but not fully grown) whale sharks were equally impressive.

Each evening after Sid and I tucked the children into bed and read aloud to the boys, we snuck off to our own bedroom.  Some nights we enjoyed the jacuzzi in the chilly mountain air and other nights we really, really enjoyed the DSL!  Our little mountain hideway had more modern conveniences than our own home.  We marveled at the luxury of sitting in bed and watching Netflx from Sid’s laptop conveniently positioned at the foot of the bed.  Yeah, I know, it doesn’t take much to excite me.  But hey, we don’t see a lot of movies.

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