Little Helpers

I finally got around to new chore training with the children and was amazed at everything that got done last night.  After supper, Sidney cleared the table, unloaded the dishwasher and then reloaded it.  Here is a picture of him showing how strong he is.  He is lifting the whole lower rack because a pot was stuck.

While Sidney was doing kitchen cleanup, I put away clean clothes and started another load of clothes.  Lincoln cleaned up Legos.  Sid worked with Prairie on her sudden fascination with throwing wedgits.  Then Sidney started on Ghirardelli’ brownies with Andes mints.  He carefully read the recipe while Rachel stirred.

Lincoln helped me get started on Bread Pudding for tomorrow’s breakfast.  I’m not a morning person and like to start on breakfast the night before, so my brain is not overtaxed before it wakes up.  Lincoln tore apart the bread.

After all our labors, we enjoyed oooey, goooey, chocolately brownies.  YUM!

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