Another step taken….

on the path to homebuilding.  Today was an unusual Saturday.  My wonderful sister (who adores my children) came to my home to play with Sidney, Lincoln and Prairie while Sid and I traveled with our Rachel to Statesville.  We met with the builders to make decisions and choose options for our new house.  We took Rachel along to give her some one-on-one time with us.Rachel was wonderful.  She quietly looked at books and played with her Schleich animals, which she brought in her pocketbook, of course.  Afterward, we stopped at Barnes & Noble where I bought a knitting book and some new Christmas books.  Then we went to eat at Carraba’s.  Rachel picked at her food and didn’t appear very hungry until………………………..the waiter brought out their most chocolatey, decadent dessert.  Her eyes lit up and she dug in!  Sid and I had to eat fast to keep up with that girl.We still have some more decisions to make with the house, but there is no real hurry.  There is a huge pile of brush on top of the housesite that Sid has been unable to burn due to the ban.  If we don’t get a lot of rain soon, we are in no danger of that burning ban being lifted.  I do want to be in a real house, but it seems like such a big thing to buy and well…………..kind of excessive and materialistic and ………….

Never mind that our trailer leaks and has mold growing in the walls and is falling down around us.  I’ve gotten used to just making do.  I’m sure I will love my house and adust living in it just fine, but well………..I am already struggling with the transition in my thoughts.

But, oh, what a blessed struggle to have! 

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