Across the generations

We’ve had much excitement here in the last few months as we helped Grandma and Grandpa prepare for Great-Grandma Louise’s coming to North Carolina.  We had visited Great-Grandma Louise in Kansas the summer before last.  Leaving her was very emotional —–Sid cried, I cried, the kids cried.  We didn’t think we would ever see her again as Kansas is a long way from North Carolina.  So when it was decided that Grandma Louise would move here, we were jumping for joy.

Now when the children walk through the woods (and Grandpa’s goat pen) to visit Grandma and Grandpa, they get the additional bonus of visiting Great-Grandma Louise too!  Sidney and Lincoln stroll over there most afternoons and Grandma Louise teaches them some on the piano.   One evening at supper, they shared that Grandma Louise told them how she used to eat onion sandwiches.  They couldn’t believe that —— onion sandwiches!

Here is Sidney with Great-Grandma Louise

Lincoln with Great-Grandma Louise



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