Checking off the list

I got things done.  I did!  And I didn’t even require a nap or chocolate.  I snacked on carrots instead, so I’m feeling quite noble at the moment.  So, let’s see what I can cross off………

-Make supper  Homemade cheeseburger soup and steamed broccoli.  Lincoln claims he likes it and wanted it added to the List of Foods Lincoln Likes.  Though he took forever to eat it and was probably more motivated by the buttered bread he could have after his soup bowl was clean.  But the boy is trying.  He is really trying to like new foods and to have a good attitude.

Finalize house plans – means I gotta stop being wishy-washy and make some hard and fast decisions, and preferably budget-conscious ones………….hmmmmm, can’t I hire someone to do this job?…….but that’s not budget-conscious…….  Typed out a long, long email of changes and questions to my builder.  Most decisions are made except for some minor things that I can take care of next week when I view samples.

-Add to my cooking repertoire (yes, this is IMPORTANT, ask my family) — hmmmmm, I kind of like my rut, maybe next week

-Reorganize my cookbook and streamline my food preperation —- I thought about it, does that count?

-Prepare for Thanksgiving (includes creating a thankful spirit in this house and pronto!)

-Get ready for Christmas (that means more decisions)

-Restructure and add to our school day — I’ve done part of this, but need to make more adjustments

-Train children in more chore areas – ugh!

-Order digestive enzymes

-REstart my exercise time and stay consistent (maybe this one can wait until after Christmas?) – Yay!

-Train Rachel not to cry every time I say, “Let’s go to the bathroom”  (Yeah, I know, that’s a lofty goal) – maybe she’ll grow out of it

-Bake more bread for my family and my inlaws who supply us with tons of garden produceAhhhhh………nothing like the smell of bread filling the house to make me feel accomplished

Not bad.  The week isn’t over yet.

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