Meaningful Work

My Rachel keeps me busy looking for ways to include her in my work.  From the time she could walk, she has always wanted to be by my side and doing what I’m doing.  She doesn’t just want busy work.  This girl wants REAL work.  This is wonderful……………when I don’t have a deadline or when she doesn’t feel absolute dejection that I need to do something myself.

I was thrilled when I found another job for her to do, something that needs doing but I rarely take time to keep up ———–refilling the salt and sugar dispensers.

Here is Rachel doing her work

No need to keep her focused on a task.  She was done in record time with the salt and sugar refills.  Maybe next time I’ll give her smaller spoons so it will take a little longer than 1 minute 10 seconds.  I didn’t get pictures of her licking the salt and sugar that she spilled.

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