Joy to the Dinosaur?

We had Thanksgiving supper at Flemings Church tonight, and the boys, in particular, were in a holiday mood when we got home.  Sid put two tired little girls to bed as the boys did their bedtime routine.  When they were ready for bed, Sidney and Lincoln requested a bedtime singing, which is something we do occasionally.

I suggested we sing Christmas songs, and Lincoln eagerly says, “I got one, I got one.”  We all look expectantly at Lincoln and he says, “Joy to the Dinosaurs.”   Ummm…….. okay…….. we don’t know the words to that one Lincoln.  How does it go?  And amazingly, he begins to sing to the actual tune of Joy to the World, —

Joy to the Dinosaurs

Thank you for the Dinosaurs

And thank you_____ for Tyrannosau___rus Rex

Thank you____for___Tricer_____atopses

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tyranno ——–sau___rus Rex, Rex, Rex

It takes considerably more talent than I have to fit those words to that tune.  We were quite impressed.  It must be that Suzuki violin training coming through.

Then we sang Sid’s favorite, O Holy Night.  My choice was Do You Hear What I Hear?  And Sidney chose Feliz Navidad.

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