My Prairie Girl


The kids and I have a loose routine we follow most days.  I wish I could take credit for working hard to train my youngest, Prairie, into a morning routine, but I fell down on that job.  Fortunately for me, my easy-going girl created her own routine.  It meshes well with the rest of our morning, so I go with it.

Here is my Prairie, doing her usual after-breakfast routine.

The bookshelf is right beside the mini-trampoline.  One shelf is designated “Prairie books.”  Every morning, she takes off her books, one by one and stacks them on the trampoline.  Then, she sits and reads them, stacking them on the floor at her feet as she finishes each one.

She usually doesn’t put the books back on the shelf unless I prompt her and help her.  She does it joyfully as she loves to “help.”  The funny thing is that in recent weeks I have noticed her putting away the Noah’s Ark toys, the Aquarium toys, etc. as she finishes playing with each toy.  And again, I can’t take credit for that training.  I am slapping myself on the head though, because I should have trained her to do this a long time ago.  I’m thinking she doesn’t like to put the books back because that task is a little more difficult as the books tend to fall down when she tries to shelve them.  Perhaps I should switch from a “Prairie bookshelf” to a “Prairie book basket.”

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