Company Party

Saturday night, our family hosted our First Annual Water Management Christmas Party.  Gee, that sounds so………so corporate.  It tickles my funny bone.

We are NOT corporate people, really, we’re not.  I can prove it.   Here is a picture of our home.


Would you look at that home and think to yourself “Hmmmm, I bet a corporate yuppies live there”?

Of course, if you saw the backside of our home……..


well, this picture doesn’t convey the stark reality of that little addition — that very haphazard, thrown-together, never completed addition.  With mildew growing all over the outside and probably inside the walls too, but I try not to dwell on that.  This is what happens when a girl her man so much that she picks the cheapest thing to live in and then avoids spending any money on upkeep because it is just “temporary.”  When Sid wanted to strike out on his own, we didn’t want the heavy burden of personal expenses.  Thus, we ended up here.

As I said, we are not corporate people.

But we had our first company party because my husband believes there isn’t much in life more important than relationships.  He also wanted the kids and I to meet a couple of our new guys.  It was a family affair, so families were invited.

Here is Jeff with his little girl.   Jeff is a 3-man-in-1 crew, kind of like the Hulk.

Jeff tucked a napkin in the neck of her shirt so she wouldn’t get too messy.

Below are Bob and his girls.


This is Robert.


And then there is Jeremiah and his new bride, Heather.

Bob, Rob and Jeremiah have been a wonderful crew —- hardworking, dependable,respectful and professional.  Who says you can’t have all that in a septic tank crew?

This is Steve with his wife,Cindy.  He has suffered with us the longest — 18 hour days, overnights in hotels, long, long drives.  Surprisingly, he seems to enjoy his work most of the time.


 And then there is Grandpa.

Grandpa has gotten us through some rough spots.  He loves the Bobcat, but he is quick to jump off and grab a shovel.  We’ve had men half his age confess that they couldn’t keep up with Grandpa and a shovel.

The only guy unable to attend the party was Dillon.  Words cannot convey are feelings for Dillon and his family.  Technically, we employ Dillon and have employed his son and daughters at various times.  However, they work in such a way that makes us feel they are ministering to us continually.

We are so appreciative of our guys.  They work hard.  They do good work.  They bring honor to our name with their deeds.  Thanks guys.

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