Here’s an important lesson sons

It is three days until Christmas, and we are busy with last minute preparations and Christmasy activities.  But even in the midst of holiday celebrations, the dedicated father does not pause in the training of his sons.  While I’m caught up in the busy-ness of making bread, keeping an eye on Prairie, and directing children through chores, my husband has not lost sight of the important things in life.  He watches for his opportunity and then he pounces!  The next thing I know, I am body slammed, my bedroom slippers flying off my feet.

“Boys, when you have a wife one day, you can tackle her like this,” Sid says in his authoritative voice.  While the boys are giggling, he continues.  “But you don’t tackle your kids.  You kickbox your kids —- like this!”  Then the boys go flying and giggling.

One day, our daughters-in-law will thank their father-in-law.

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