The Company Party, part 2

When I blogged about The First Annual Water Management Christmas Party last week, I focused more on our fabulous employees and their families.  Because I wanted to maintain that focus, I left out a lot of pics of my kids.  But I can’t hold back any longer.  I must release all their sweetness for the world……………er…..uh……..I mean, Grandma to see.  You do read my blog, right Grandma?

Lincoln helps Sid carry in the food.  He loves to put his muscles to work and show us how strong he is.  He really is a big help.  Plus he has lusciously cherry red lips.

Big brother Sidney is quite helpful too.  In fact, Sidney made one of our desserts that night while I was out running last minute errands.  He made dirt cake per my instructions and then got a little creative with his Dad, so that I came home to a little more than I had expected………

Dirt cake in a potty!

Rachel wasn’t at all squeamish about eating dirt cake out of a potty.

Prairie wasn’t squeamish either.  She gobbled up her serving of dirt cake and was content to run around and play until………..she saw Mama with her own helping.  She soon conned her way back into my lap.  But I was unwavering in my goal of getting as much of that chocolate-y yumminess into my own mouth as possible.  Prairie stayed alert, mouth wide open, just in case I wanted to share.

This is my favorite ——— a picture of my Sweetie holding my sweetie.  He is so good at that.

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