Daddy, did you know…….?

A day or two ago, I overheard Lincoln saying,

“Daddy, did you know that I would rather die to save Sidney’s life, and Sidney would rather die to save my life?”  Then he giggles.  “We’d each rather die to save each other’s life.”

Just as my heart begins to melt at the sweetness of this child of mine, I hear Rachel, another child of mine, yelling, “NO, Prairie, NO, Prairie!”  And Prairie, yet ANOTHER child of mine, answers with a squeal that pierces right through my skull, making me grind my teeth.  They sound like they are killing each other.

Oh well, I thought Lincoln’s comment was particularly appropriate to the season.

2 thoughts on “Daddy, did you know…….?

  1. Little boy Sid, to little boy Knocker, after a fist-fight/argument/whatever, and we’re still angry at each other: “If I died, you’d cry.”


  2. Oh, I am rolling here!

    “If I died, you’d cry.” — That is so typical of my ever-optimist husband! Always looking at the bright side and always convinced that he is loved.

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