Get up and boogie……

At 25 months, Prairie is talking pretty well.  Her enunciations are quite deliberate, and most often sweetly spoken.  She has Sid and me whipped, but I don’t think she realizes it yet.  The boys are alway trying to make her happy.  Even Rachel is coming around, expressing great distress when Prairie is hurt or crying.

One of the sweetly spoken requests that Prairie enunciates so clearly is “Get up and boogie?”  Sid downloaded the 70’s disco song “Get up and Boogie” from itunes one day and got the kids to dancing.  He picked Prairie up and did some wild, throw-Prairie-around, hair-flying dance moves with her.  She loved it, of course, and it is one the first things she says to Sid when he comes home in the evening.

I captured some of it on camera tonight.  Sid starts out slow and easy, but Prairie anticipates……


And here it comes…….


And there’s more……..


I sincerely hope that this little fondness to “get up and boogie” doesn’t extend to other 70’s era music.  Blech!

3 thoughts on “Get up and boogie……

  1. hey tina bug, i just finished reading e v e r…… t h i n g on your blog. of course, i thing it is WONDERFUL! just as i think everything you do is wonderful. yes, you have probably started me down a path of utter hopeless, useless, selfish, wasteful, self-aborhed LIFE OF BREE. when my husband, daughter, grandson, friends, employers are totally disgusted… i will say, “it is tina’s fault” because it will be true. i have resisted all this computer, technilogue (see i can’t even spell it right) _______ …oops! crap…oops! stuff (yea! that’s what i meant to say) for so long. now i’m just like everyone else. i get so mad that murray and ryan stay on the computer so long. now, i have asked for a —i hate to even say it—a laptop. and not just an ordinary laptop. NO! i want that new $1700 Apple notebook. SEE WHAT YOU HAVE CREATED. YOU KNOW I CANNOT JUST DO THINGS SIMPLE AND LITTLE AND SMALL AND CHEAP. NO I HAVE TO DO IT BIG AND DIFFICULT AND EXPENSIVE AND THEN DRIVE MY HUSBAND CRAZY TEACHING ME WHAT DO I DO , AND WHY DID IT DO THIS, AND I CANNOT GET IT TO DO WHAAAAT I WANT IT TO DO. I FEEL MANIAC! HELP!

    SO! I’m going to get off now. i need to calm down. i need some fireside coffee. i need to look at PW’s pictures of horses, and flowers and other calming tibits.

    but, i still love you

    ps please don’t show me anything else new for a while (you got me quilting, then reading stepanhie plum, and now blogs. but i will not start a blog. do you hear me. good! it’s about time you listen to your big sister.)

    i know this is getting long. but i had a lot to say. and gee, it’s not as if you have a lot of comments—yet.

    so —good-bye

  2. Dear Sister,

    As soon as I saw that I had a comment waiting to be moderated and when I saw that it was from my own sweet sister, I almost approved it before reading it. But curiosity won out and I read over it first.

    Whoo boy! Glad I did! And all I can say is that I will be monitoring (and probably editing) your comments from here out.

    Oh, and no coffee for you manic girl. Go drink some warm milk and read your Bible.

  3. Hahahahahaha! Look! Sid has boogie shoes! Check ’em out! RED boogie shoes! I’m sure he only wears them when he boogies, right?


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