Overly Simplified Septic Tank Lesson

I was wasteful today.  Part of me is gnashing her teeth and rending her clothing . . . well, not really, but sort of, and part of me is just shrugging her shoulders and letting it go.

And what did I waste today, you might ask?


Moments after I snapped this picture of my lusciously frothy raw milk, I poured it down my sink drain.  As I watched its silky creaminess rush toward the drain, I lamented that it was the last milk in the house, that it was a waste of money, that there were starving children somewhere in Africa.  Mostly I lamented that big swig of milk I swallowed before I realized it was sour.

And then, because I’m married to a wastewater specialist, I wondered what effect the milk would have on our septic system.  I vaguely recalled Sid saying something once about the BOD of milk and how that was bad on a septic system.   BOD?  Now, what did he say that stood for?  Bodily ODor?   Biological Odiferous Dysfunctions?   Biological and Odiferous fit, but Dsyfunction doesn’t since eliminating waste is a normal bodily function, and that is after all, what is mostly in a septic tank.

I gave up trying to remember what BOD stands for and finally asked Sid.  But that was hours ago, and I’ve already forgotten what the letters stand for, but I do remember that milk is bad in a septic tank.  Very bad.

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