It’s God’s fault.

Sidney, Lincoln and I lingered over breakfast this morning.  We do a lot of lingering over meals around here.  Part of our lingering was due to the girls’ distractions.

Prairie does something cute, and we “aahhhh,” then take a bite of eggs.  Rachel asks for help attaching her pen to her shirt, and Lincoln jumps up to help her, then sits back down to stare at his food.  Prairie grabs the stick unicorn, and I jump up to show her how to ride it.

Finally, I say “Okay, boys, we’ve got to move on to chores and school.  We can’t let the girls’ cuteness distract us.  I guess we shouldn’t have gotten girls that were so cute.”

Sidney answers, “Well, it is not our fault they are so cute.

Lincoln chimes in, “Yeah, it is THEIR fault they are so cute.”

Sidney says, “Well, it is not their fault they are so cute.  They can’t help it.  And it’s not Mom and Dad’s fault.  I guess it’s God’s fault.  He made them that way.”  He pauses a moment to think about that and adds, “Maybe fault isn’t the best word to describe the situation.”

2 thoughts on “It’s God’s fault.

  1. I think that if there were more children in the world like Sidney,then us older folks could enjoy getting older knowing that there was a younger generation coming up that would be kind,wise and have GOD in there heads and hearts.Thank You!

  2. Hi Cindy. I am so glad you stopped by to see my little project. Be sure to click on The Pioneer Woman link in the sidebar. I think of you often when I visit PW.

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