Real life through a fairy tale lens….or something like that

The Mission

The fair and dainty maid of the manor (I mean dainty in its broadest sense) must make an arduous journey to purchase food supplies for her starving children.

The Problem


But her path is fraught with danger.  She is beset by a fallen tree.  What will the dainty maiden (think of dainty as a relative term) do?  Her children are hungry.  She needs a rescuer.


Behold!  Here comes her rescuer now!

Don’t be fooled.  It may appear that the little redhead in front is controlling the situation, but it is really the dark, mysterious man in the shadows who wields the power of the skidsteer.


The dark, mysterious hero in shadows fearlessly attacks the fallen tree.


The maid admires the strength and efficiency of her hero as he magnificently lifts the tree and moves it from the road.  Her path is no longer blocked by the villainous tree.  She may continue her travel to obtain the basic necessities so that her children may live.


What’s this?  The maid’s broad-shouldered hero reveals his tender side as he holds the little one’s hand.

As the maid drives off, she declares that she will return with an already-cooked, roast chicken and maybe even some store-bought croissants.  Nothing is too good for her man.

3 thoughts on “Real life through a fairy tale lens….or something like that

  1. Once you are in your fine new mansion w/ room for such frivolities, fair maiden, I really recommend you get a Ronco Showtime Rotisserie. We got one for our wedding and it makes the best rotisserie chickens ever. It finally broke about 6 months ago and we bought a new one that holds 2 big chickens! Maybe when you come to visit *soon* we’ll use it so you can see how awesome it truly is.

  2. Ooooooooooh, I’m more interested in that than in Dollywood, though I am curious about the fun park too. Okay, you are officially committed to rotisserie chicken when we visit.

    By the way, do ya’ll have a smoker? Sid is interested in getting one of those. He loves smoked chicken.

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