I think I can.

I think I might.  I think I will try this one night — The Meal of Love, Part 3.

I’ve always been too intimidated to try cooking a steak.  They are kind of pricey, and I just couldn’t bear the thought of spending the money and then ruining the steak.  But, hey, now I’m thinking I should just think of it as Continuing Education.  The Good Lord knows I’ve already wasted spent a fortune and squandered spent years on Education.

If you haven’t been by The Pioneer Woman Cooks, I’m telling you, urging you, counselling you to go there now.  Your life and happiness may depend upon it.

2 thoughts on “I think I can.

  1. Tina,

    I’ve tried the sherried tomato soup. It didn’t go over too well, here. Don’t put the sugar in it – that makes it taste horrible. Also, I used half the cooking sherry she called for and I think it still had WAY too much in it. I’ve made her Chicken casserole (it’s okay). But, her chocolate sheet cake is heavenly. I made that for Adam’s 10th birthday and used whole wheat pastry flour in it. I’ve tried her wings and over cooked them LOL. Then, I made them again (ignoring her recipe the second time) in the crockpot on slow my way with some cooking wine and they tasted much much better. I love her method of cooking chicken. The chicken does fall off the bones. I’ve been eyeing her chocolate pie and her spicy shrimp dish (not its formal name). I enjoy checking her site – she always makes me laugh.


  2. Laura, my sister has made Marlboro Man’s favorite sandwich and The Meal of Love. She says they are heavenly, and Murray and Ryan loved them, but I think they are beef dishes. Though the Meal of Love had a side dish and dessert, I think.

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