Good Grief


How do I make her understand?

It is okay to enjoy reading her books, to enjoy looking at the pictures, to enjoy being read to.  It is even okay to LOVE her books.

But she can’t sleep with her books.

Please, someone tell me how to explain this to her?


This is a real problem.  If I don’t nip it in the bud now. . . . . . . .why, she may never grow up understanding what a bookcase is for.  And the problem will probably just grow.  With more and more books in the bed, until there is no room for her in the bed.  Then she will have no place to sleep.

Do you see how this book obsession can cripple her life?

One thought on “Good Grief

  1. oh, for the love of books, i so understand prairie. i often take more than one book to bed and fall to sleep with them. murray moves the books when he comes to bed.

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