Needing to focus on the positive

My health has taken a downward turn again.  In an effort to fight off negative feelings, I plan to dwell on the positives of my day.  So here goes. . . . .

Today was a fabulous day!  My husband, Sid, made breakfast.  My dear mother-in-law made the trip to get my milk.  It was so fresh from the cows that it hadn’t even chilled yet!  My oldest son tried explaining how the icemaker/water dispenser in fridge works.  Something about electromagnets and such.  He didn’t get that from me and I really don’t understand much of what he said, but I’m pleased about his interests in such things.  It reminds me of his Daddy, whom I’m crazy about.

After eating and getting the girls ready, we went outside to sit in the warm sunshine.  I prayed aloud for healing and faith.  Then, I read E. Nesbit’s Five Children and It while Rachel played in then dirt/grass with her marine animals.  I thought Prairie would play with Rachel, but she spent most of her time crawling in and out of my lap and hugging me.  After an hour or so, we grabbed cheese sticks and walked up up up very slowly slowly slowly the new, extended driveway to where Sid was working on digging out the basement.  We sat in the dirt and watched him move dirt.  The boys showed up after finishing their schoolwork and I got lots of pictures of them standing on a dirt mound that Sid was creating.  Every time he swung the trackhoe bucket around to dump dirt on the mound, he tried to pour it on the boys and the boys would run away.

Rachel was mostly too scared to play that game, but she finally did get the courage to climb onto the dirt mound one time.  Of course, she got even dirtier and was grumbling about being dirty.  My sweet Lincoln ran to her and helped her dust off her pants.  Finally, I heard her say “Clean, clean!” but she most certainly was not clean.  Actually, they still aren’t clean and they are now in bed.  Rotten mother that I am, but I’m not here to dwell on my rottenness, so let’s move on. . . . .

We stayed on the hill with Daddy for hours, then walked back down the hill for a late lunch.  I was worn out, so I laid on the couch while Sid got lunch together.  We ate lunch and my Mama dropped by with some fire roasted chicken and cheese for me.  I wanted to walk back up the hill with her and show her the house site, which she has never seen.  But I knew in my heart that I had pushed myself too far today even though I mostly just sat around in the dirt, so I put Prairie to bed and laid back down.

Mama walked up to the house site with Rachel and the boys.  When they returned, Rachel and I snuggled in bed.  I read her a few book and we napped.  Around five pm, we girls got up and went slowly slowly slowly back up to the house site to find our boys.  The boys came back through the woods from Grandpa’s house with an old hunting arrow they had found in Grandpa’s goat pen and a bag of turnips from Grandma’s garden.  Did I mention they were dirty?  And happy.  Very dirty and very happy.  In fact, they are still very dirty and very happy.  In bed.  But I will not dwell on that now.

We came home and Sid threw together a quick supper because of course, I had to lie down.  I mentioned that I should have stayed home and made supper in the first place instead of trekking back up to the house site.  But Sid said he was happy that I came to see him.  I love that man.
After supper, I laid on the couch again.  My Prairie came and curled up beside me nose-to-nose, plopped her thumb in her mouth and proceeded to hum “I love you Lord.”  When she saw that she had my full attention and a smile (the little booger), she broke into full song (still with her thumb in her mouth).

At bedtime, Rachel very sweetly put away the little board books that Prairie had left out.  After bedtime chores, Sidney asked if he could read from the Bible tonight.  Last night, Lincoln had begged to read.  I am thankful to see their interest and desire to read from the Bible.  It makes for a sweet ending to the day.

2 thoughts on “Needing to focus on the positive

  1. Sorry to hear you’re still not feeling well. We are praying for you. I was glad to get to see y’all this weekend, and Noah and Claire enjoyed their time w/ their cousins.

  2. Tina, you are so sweet and precious. I will pray for God’s healing in your health. I am so thankful you are my friend, and your children are lucky to have you as a mommy. And sid knows he’s lucky….lol….xoxoxxo love dreama

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