Bible Reading

We’ve finally gotten back to our nightly Bible reading with the boys.  It has been really neat to discover that they know way more than we realized they knew.

I tend to get a little distracted during the Bible reading.  So I take pictures.  Hey, it helps me focus.

One night, I got distracted by Lincoln’s long skinny arms and legs.  He must have grown them overnight.  Surely he wasn’t that long the day before?


And look at that head!  It seems so big compared to those skinny limbs.

What’s that you say?

You are wondering which book we were reading in?

I don’t remember.  But I’m sure I offered some brilliant insight right after I snapped this picture.  I would share my profound thoughts, but see, I have this thyroid problem and it sucks the memory right of head.  It’s really not my fault.


This is my favorite part.  Lincoln is such a snuggly-bear.

At tonight’s Bible reading, I paid close attention to our teacher, who was inspired to write on the blackboard.


I would explain his writings on the wall to you and how they apply to the lady who bled for 12 years until she was healed by touching Jesus.

But he lost me on that one.

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