Sweet Brothers

Ever since Lincoln got the hang of biking on our rough terrain, he and Sidney have been blurs whizzing by me.  They’ve made this poor Mama’s heart catch as they learned to fly down our very steep, very long driveway.  Watching her brothers have so much fun has stirred Rachel’s interest in trying a bicycle.  So Sidney and Lincoln helped Rachel on Lincoln’s old bike.


Lincoln did a pretty good job of balancing Rachel and pushing her.  Until he hit a slight incline.  Then Rachel’s weight got the better of him and she crashed.  This is what followed:

Rachel:  Waaaaaaaaaa!  Waaaaaaaaaa!

Lincoln:  Oh Rachel, are you okay?  Are you okay?

Rachel:  Waaaaaaaaaaa!  Dirty!  Waaaaa! Dirrrrrrrteeeeeee!

Lincoln:  It’s okay heyRachellookthere’saladybug!

Rachel:  Oh! A ladybug!

All was well.

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