Out of nowhere

Two days ago, we were walking up to the house site to see where the dump truck had dumped our gravel.

Sidney says, “Mama, you know how if you are in a plane looking down at the Hoover Dam in Arizona and the water looks very still and calm. . . . . . ”

“Uhhh-huhhhhh,” I slowly say, quickly searching my memory bank.  Is there a Hoover Dam in Arizona?

“But underneath the water where you can’t see,”  Sidney continues, “the water is turning and moving very fast to make power?”

 I am still trying to figure out whether there is a Hoover Dam in Arizona.

“Well, I got to thinking that people can be like that.  That what you see on the outside isn’t always what is on the inside.”

I agreed and we talked a little about how it is difficult to really know a person.

When we got home and Sidney was occuppied in his bedroom, I checked the US Map hanging in our kitchen.  Sure enough, I found the Hoover Dam. 

Right on the border between Arizona and Nevada. 

In case you were wondering.

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