I have a new page

Look up and to the left in my header and you will notice a new page – housebuilding or maybe I called it homebuilding.  I can’t remember now.  Anyway, just click on it and then holler for the kids to come take a look at a whole house being put together in a day.

Kind of reminds me of 100 + years ago when people could order whole house kits from the Sears Roebuck catalog and have them delivered.  Of course, their houses were not delivered almost completed, and they had to work to put it together themselves.  Okay, so maybe it isn’t exactly like it was 100 years ago.

It did kind of remind me of a long time ago when neighbors had barn raisings and worked together to build their houses.  No, I didn’t live back then, but I’ve heard of such things, so it must be true.  Anyway, the day they set our house kind of reminded me of those days I’ve heard about.  Except neighbors didn’t turn up to help.  They turned up to watch.  Bunches and bunches of people just standing around and watching a crane and a handful of professionals do all the work. 

Of course, there was also lots of excitement and well wishes and happiness for our good fortune.  It was a balm to my spirit to have so many people express their pleasure in our blessings.  I was blessed with way more than a house that day.

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