Especially for Laura

My brother-in-law Knocker and his wife, Laura, are considering building in the the next year.  So Laura requested pictures of the house interior to give her ideas.

This is the view when you walk in the front door.  As you can see, stairwell is to the right.  You can see one fo the windows in the kitchen.  The darkened room to the left is a half-bath.

Rotating to the left, you see the half-opened door to the mudroom.


The mudroom.  I hope to have a bench under the windows for sitting and putting on/taking off shoes.  Shoes will be stored under the bench.  There is also room on both sides of the windows for shelves or hooks for hanging coats, hats, gloves, etc.

You are still in the mudroom.  The side door will be the family’s main entrance.  The sliding door opens to a walk-through pantry to make bringing in groceries a breeze.


You are still standing in the mudroom, looking through the pantry into the kitchen.


I have finally taken you from the mudroom (it may be might favorite room in the house), and we are now standing in the pantry doorway, looking into the kitchen.  The sink will be in front of those windows, and two dishwashers, one on either side of the main sink.  The double doors to the far right is the dining area.


We looking into the dining area and into the living room.


We are now standing in the dining area looking back into the kitchen.  Laura, my refrigerator will be on the far left in the corner nearest the pantry.  Then there will be a long countertop running under the double windows to the corner.  That long countertop will only be broken by a prep sink under the left window.  The cooktop and oven will be in the center island at the end where you see that big roll of tape so that the cook will face out into the dining area and living room.



The living room.

Now, we’ve come full circle from the front door, through the mudroom, pantry, kitchen/dining area and are standing in the doorway between the foyer and kitchen/dinina area.  The half-bath and mudroom are to to the right.  The door to the basement and the 2nd story stairwell are to the left.  Is that clear as mud, Laura?


I am standing by the front door, and we are looking into the school room.


Another view of the schoolroom.  I added extra windows to the house because I need lots of light, especially in the winter when it is too cold and dreary to be outside much.



Laura, I am standing on the half-landing of the stairwell and looking into the master bedroom.  The laundry closet is directly to the right.  My laundry plan is for each kid to do their laundry and take it directly back to their rooms on assigned days.  For example, Sidney might do his laundry on Mondays, Lincoln on Tuesdays, etc.

Standing in the doorway of the master bedroom.  We can’t wait to lay in bed and look out at the stars.  It is very, very dark on our hill at night.

I am standing in front of the triple windows of our bedroom and looking into the masterbath.  Those unsightly beams will be taken down.  They were only necessary for stability in transporting the house.

Okay, I admit it.  The masterbath causes me slight embarrassment.  I never intended to design such a huge bath.  Every time I toyed with the houseplans to cut the masterbath down in size, it messed up other parts of the house.  So, we ended up with this large, completely self-indulgent bath.  I can’t say I’m sorry . . . . . . . . . just a little embarrassed.  I will very much appreciate the peace of this room, when I am herxing and detoxing in the bath, I’m sure.

The shower stall and toilet are directly lined up with a window.  Yes, we had to reassure the factory that we were aware of that fact, and no, we aren’t exhibitionist.  We just live in the woods with no neighbors.  Little half-curtains should give us any privacy we might need and still allow in lots of light.

Our sinks.


The door to the left is a walk-in closet.  We have space and plumbing for a bath that we can add later to the left of the closet.  The door on the right looks back into the master bedroom.


Standing in the doorway of the master bedroom and at the head of the stairs.  The stairwell railing has not been installed yet.  To the left, you can see a tiny part of of the laundry closet, then the kids’ bath, a small linen closet, the girls’s room.  You can’t see the boys’ room.  It is to the right of the girls’ room.

The kids’ bathroom.  Those nice big mirrors are in the standard house package.  I didn’t even know there would be mirrors.  So glad we didn’t have to go buy those separately.

In the doorway of the kids’ bath.  You can barely see the toilet behind the half-wall.  You have to turn a corner to the left to see the bath.


There it is.

Standing in the doorway of the kids’ bath and looking into the girls’ room on the left and the boys’ room on the right.


In the doorway of the girls’ room.

Girls’ room.


In the doorway of the boys’ room.

The boys’ room and their closet.

Whew!  And this concludes our tour of the Gaskins’ house.  If this didn’t bore you to tears, come back for more photos of our progress.  If it did bore you to tears, I am blithely ignorant of your boredom and don’t need to know otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Especially for Laura

  1. Hey, that was a grooooovilicious tour. I am excited to tears. 🙂 You did a great job w/ your floor plan, I think. All that stress will be worth it!

    We have a bench in our laundry room/mudroom and LOVE it. It is basically 6 feet of increased depth wall cabinets put on the floor, w/ a little bit of carpentry done to it to make it look nice. We keep our shoes in there (boys on the left, girls on the right). It used to be a window seat in our breakfast room but we moved it during the remodel because we couldn’t bear to part w/ it. It’s also right next to our laundry sink (old kitchen sink) so little people can stand on it to wash hands. If we ever build a house you can bet we’ll have one of those again.

    Can’t wait to see the finished product. Hopefully we’ll be up to see you around the 4th of July.

  2. I feel honored that you’d name your house tour entry especially for me 🙂

    How beautiful! I can tell you put a lot of thought into your plan. And how helpful for me to see it! That is so neat how you come into the house and go into the mud room and sneak into the pantry and then into the kitchen. I also like the concept of keeping shoes and coats in the mudroom. That is worth re-thinking; although, Knocker says we can do that in the garage as well and use that as a ‘logical mudroom’.

    I am going to go back and read your kitchen section again. I didn’t picture where your ovens are going to be.

    I am so happy for you!


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