Lincoln’s First Perfomance

My Lincoln gave his very first violin performance yesterday evening.  It was very exciting, and I was very nervous.  I was concerned that Lincoln would get too nervous when he looked out at an auditorium full of people.  I needn’t have worried.  He appears to have inherited his Daddy’s self-confidence.

I would show you a picture of Lincoln onstage, but we have a lousy camera and the stage pictures are blurry.  Sid got a good picture of Lincoln and me right after his performance .  Lincoln intensely concentrates on his mini-cupcake while I look ridiculous with my Gumby-like arms wrapped around my knees.  Do my arms look disproportionally long to anybody else?  If your name is Brenda, don’t answer that question.

My other three children can be seen in the background scarfing down the cookies, cupcakes and punch offered at the reception following the performance.

Lincoln has been playing the violin for one year now.  It has been a tumultous year with my health going up and down, and I have not been very consistent with his practices.  He has learned and improved in spite of his ole’ Mama.  I am very, very proud of him.

Lincoln poses at home with cupcake/cookie-stained mouth.

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