Father’s Day

One week late.  Since the bug that attacked the kids and I last week finally dragged Sid down last Sunday, which was Father’s Day, we ignored the calendar.

As far as we were concerned, Father’s Day was yesterday.  We celebrated by presenting Daddy with a one-of-a-kind gift that only a Dad can appreciate.

Sid LOVES his Daddy shirt.  Actually, he ADORES it.  You people on less intimate terms with Sid probably can’t tell from his expression.  But I, I am an expert on all things Sid.  See the way his lips are slightly down-turned at the corners?  That means he is pleased.  See the way his eyes look off to the left instead of directly at the camera?  That means he is extremely proud, but trying not to show it.  And the hands in the pockets?  His way of containing his excitement.  See the stubble on his chin?  That means I am a demanding wife, and he is so busy working to put down floors in this house he is building for me that he doesn’t have time to shave.

But the fun didn’t stop with the sweet shirt.  Lincoln serenaded Sid with “Song of the Wind” on the violin, and we gorged on Giradhelli brownies and milk.  I’m sure the healthfulness of Mrs. Abee’s raw cow milk cancelled out the unhealthfulness of the brownies.  One must always balance out sugar intake with the proper fat intake, I always say.

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