It is not often that I meet someone who inspires me.  But here she is.  Our friend, Elizabeth, was gracious enough to come to our home and show us her Russia presentation.  We missed it the day she presented at church.

Elizabeth grew up in Indonesia with her missionary parents, and she is preparing to head back to the mission field soon.  This time, she will go to Moscow, and later, she hopes, to Siberia.

I really really dislike extreme temperatures.  I really HATE being cold.  But Elizabeth even has ME thinking that Siberia sounds  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .well . . . . . . cool.


And speaking of cool.  Elizabeth’s brother, Jason, is a cool guy.  Every conversation with Jason is interesting.  I find him particularly insightful regarding the Bible and the church.  He also isn’t bad with a shovel and has been quite helpful working with Sid.

I wish there were more Elizabeths and Jasons in the world.


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