I try to be a fun mom

Really.  I try.  And it doesn’t come natural to me.  But I understand the benefits of a little              light-heartedness and laughter.

On occassion.

And in controlled circumstances.

Living with Sid, who is a light-hearted guy, I have learned to be flexible.

No, I have.  Really I have.  He has stretched my character in this area.  It has been good for me.

But tonight, he stretched me too far.

You think I’m overreacting?

That is because all YOU see is those delighted little faces.

You can’t clearly see what Sid is holding.  Let me clarify the situation for  you.

I hate mice in my house.  It makes me shiver just thinking about it.  Little mice creeping through my cabinets, in and out of my pots and pans, scurrying over our plates, exploring our utensil drawer in hopes of finding some crumb that may have fallen in.  How DARE they?  The varmints.  I work hard to keep a clean kitchen.

And besides that, did you know these nasty, thieving critters can jump?  High?

And they can balance on their tails to crawl out of something you may have them trapped in,  like  say. . . .  . . . .a jar?

Oh, he has brought back old memories.  I will have nightmares tonight.

And the whole time I am moaning, shivering, and basically wigging out, my husband is singing “Rock a Bye , Mousie.”  The kids laughter only encourages the him, so he makes the mouse sing “Lollipop, Lollilop.”

When I realized I wasn’t going to be able to stop this (nobody was paying attention to me), and I knew that I couldn’t flex quite far enough to laugh about it, I hid behind the camera.

So maybe I’m not as easy-going and fun as SOME PEOPLE.  And maybe I have a few hang-ups about mice in my house.  But at least I took pictures and wrote about it.  I think of it as self-therapy. 

One thought on “I try to be a fun mom

  1. i would run…. screaming…..from your house (or my house). just the thoughts of mice (i usually think of them as RATS! no matter how small) make me break out in a sweat. sid, please do not ever, ever, ever show me one of those hideous creatures or let me know one is in the house. i do not even want to see christmas mice (you know the supposedly “cute” little creatures in christmas stories or ones used in decorating) UGH! but i am glad the kids enjoyed your antics.

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