kitchen cabinets & countertops

I have swum around in the ridiculous sea of kitchen cabinet and countertop choices and survived.  I think.  I will know for sure by Monday evening, as that is when Mr. Jimmy Robbins, my cabinetmaker is coming for final measurements and will put together the final numbers, and then it will all be . . . . . . .final.

The base cabinets lining the walls will be painted white with a brown glaze over them.  The island cabints and tall armoire-like cabinet will be stained maple.

This picture shows the paint/glaze of my cabinet doors, but the door style I chose is much plainer.  Just a simple rectangle frame, kind of a Shaker style.  Sidney is holding a sample of the countertop I chose, but the color is not showing up well here.  It is a dark green, but with flecks of red, blue-gray, etc.  My sister, who is the HGTV queen says that it looks very “organic.”

I chose a different color for the island.

Here again, the color is not showing up exactly right.  In real life, it is a much warmer color and not so stark-looking.  But it gives those of you interested in such things an idea of my home decor choices and probably something to talk about over dinner.

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