The other morning

I’m not a morning person.  Never have been. 

Even when my past work required me to be on the job at 7 am Monday through Friday, my brain never made the adjustment.  My body will be up and functioning hours before my brain actually wakes up.  I do best when my mornings start slowly and quietly, easing me gentley into the day.  In theory anyway. 

But the other morning, I was quietly praying, working hard to bring my focus to the blessing of the new day and the 4 little blessings I have to teach and train, when I caught sight of Rachel and Lincoln on the couch.

He gently played with her hair while she basked in the attention.

And then she neighed.

It turns out that Rachel is a baby horse and Lincoln is her caretaker.

Suddenly, I didn’t have to work quite so hard at focusing my heart and mind on blessings.


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