Happy Independence Day!

We did our usual eating at Papa Henry’s July 4th bash.  The big difference for me this year is that I was not the only cook in the house to bring food to Papa’s.  Sidney enjoys learning to cook new dishes, and he loves to eat deviled eggs, which I have never made once in my entire life.

So I showed him how to look up deviled eggs in The Joy of Cooking, explained that this wasn’t an exacting recipe and that he could play with the measurements and ingredients and turned him loose.

I thought they were the yummiest deviled eggs I have ever eaten and I’m not the least bit biased.

While Sidney handled the eggs, I tried Pioneer Woman’s Best Chocolate Cake. Ever.  And I have to say that is was just okay.  Definitely not worth the rise in blood sugar and the extra 3 lbs.  To be fair, I will admit that I substituted Prairie Gold wheat flour for white flour and kefir for yogurt.  I think my chocolate zucchini bread/muffins is better.  I could add frosting and call it a cake.  Maybe a cream cheese frosting.

Carla, Doug and their little chicks visited from Tennessee and my crew loved playing with their cousins.  Later, we finished up the evening at Aunt Mossy’s house with cobbler, ice cream and fireworks.

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