Rachel_________ is a cutie . . . .

Rachel_________ is a cutie . . . . . (sing it with me now)

Rachel_________ is a cutie . . . . .

I think I’m________ gonna give her_________a kiss! 

Though she is a cute, I didn’t take this picture with the intention of showing off her cuteness.  I took this picture because of that peculiar red line down the center of her nose and her upper lip.  I posted it on Hearthkeepers, hoping some of the ladies could help me diagnose the issue.  Thankfully, she doesn’t act sick.

5 thoughts on “Rachel_________ is a cutie . . . .

  1. Maybe a big brother (or father or grandfather) colored the sides of a penny with red Sharpie and then challenged her to roll it down her face.

  2. Hmmmmmmmmm. Methinks I hear the voice of experience here, Sandra. So which big brother pulled such a prank on his sweet little sister?

  3. oh what big eyes you have! only then do i notice the red line. interesting, but i certainly have no clue.

  4. Oh, no one did that to me. They were all too busy dropping trampolines on my head.

    When we were helping Knocker move, Josh noticed Barry slipping ice cubes down the shirt of a grandkid. He now thinks that putting ice down people’s shirts is some weird family tradition.

  5. Sandra, I could have sworn this was a Gaskins trick. Maybe I’m confused. Maybe Sid actually did this to me, and I fell for it.

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