We’re almost there

The house exterior is finished.  The plumber needs to come back and finish up, then some drywall areas can be completed.  Sid will finish installing floors this week, then we can get them sanded and sealed.  All that is left after that is kitchen cabinets.

One thought on “We’re almost there

  1. i can’t wait to sit on the front porch; in rocking chairs or maybe a swing, yea! that paints a nice scenerio, and watch the kids playing in the front yard. of course, we (note the “we” part) need to plant hydrangea, lillies, false indigo, fern, dwarf dalias, holly hock, hosta……sipping mint juleps. i’m sure sid would enjoy a hammock. ok now, i need to stop daydreaming and move on to other things. tina, i was talking to one of my patients (actually to a patient’s husband) about poison ivy. he is 76 yo. and has farmed all his life. he is always getting into a patch of poison ivy. he recommended “Poison Ivy Pills” (that is the name of it) for poison ivy and poison oak. he said he started taking 2 every day for a week or so and then 1 a day for a month and again for the next month. (his instructions didn’t seen real clear but that is how he stated it.) he swears they work. he said his daughter was very bad to get infected and the pills helped her too. he said he handles poison ivy all the time now. i guess you can imagine as he lives in collettsville on john’s river. he has a 2 huge gardens and he spends most of his days outside. anyway, (you know how i have to explain every little detail when i am telling a story. is that called an archie..ism? i hope not.) the website is http://www.homeopathywcrks.com he also said a product called “ivy dry” helps with the itching but that appling milk helps too. the day the was telling me this he came into the house because he just got into a yellowjackets nest and was stung 5 times. he applied meat tenderizer of the stings. he said it draws out the “poison” but apply it asap. i know you don’t like giving medications but since the poison ivy pills are homepathic you might want to check it out. sidney might benefit greatly and his wonderful and most favorite aunt wanted to fine a “cure” for his proneness (is this a word?) for getting into poison ivy. now on to pumpkin seeds. they are high in magesnium. (remember we were talking about that the other day.)

    any, if i have learned anything from mr. c it is this. i am staying out of gardens. of course if anyone wants to give me some garden vegetables i will gladly take them.

    i apologize for any mispelled words but if i have to look up spellings i probably would not write. if have other more important things to do. like quilt.

    also i apologize to carla, sandra, rita and to any other aunts for saying i am sidney’s favorite. but i am (at least in my mind i am) but we won’t put sidney in any very difficult situations where he would have to choose, right?

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