Who needs TV . . . . .

for after-supper entertainment when one has a Sid in the house?  And who needs to bother with Mama’s boring chore list when one can be distracted by Sid?

Sid decides to see if he still has what it takes to do his old trick —one of the odd things he taught himself to do back in his old breakdancing days.  If you don’t know what breakdancing is, you are really lacking in your cultural education.  And you’ll never understand the blackhole of the ’80s unless you educate yourself.  Please, let’s not repeat history.

The children finally do notice their Dad’s shenanigans and decide to give it a try —


I guess Sid didn’t feel properly challenged, so he adds some difficulty to his trick.

For some reason, Prairie and Lincoln think it is fun and safe to lay under a precariously balanced 215 pound Daddy with a 37 pound Rachel on his back.  Since Sid wasn’t sending me any distress signals, I assumed he had the situation under control.

And I don’t know what is with Rachel and that tobogan and single mitten she is wearing.  She wears them every day unless I hide them.  But then she usually finds them again.  There are not too many places to hide things in this trailer.  I wonder — will she always be a fashion nightmare?  Will she blame me?


Rachel decides her Daddy isn’t challenged enough, or maybe she just thinks he is Superman.  I would have to agree with her on the Superman part.


After multiple tries, Sidney did manage to balance himself on the stool.

It looks like his knees are balanced on the stool too, but they are not actually touching it.  All his weight is on his hands and wrists.  Not bad.  He is already building up muscles and a strong body like his dad.  I wonder if he’ll do this trick one day with his kids.

It might be a nice memory for him.  Especially since he won’t associate it with breakdancing, Michael Jackson and the 1980’s.

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