This is my son

My Lincoln.  He is a unique little fellow.

Some of you (okay, maybe 2 of you, my mother-in-law and my sister) may remember a post I wrote about Lincoln’s limited tastes in food.  We have made progress.  We have been slowly adding foods to his list —cashews, cashew butter, homemade trail mix primarily made up of cashews.  Do you see a pattern here?  He doesn’t like almonds, but he will eat them if I mix a handful, okay maybe 3, in with the trailmix. 

The point is that the boy is making progress.  It may be s-l-o-w mama-grinding-her-teeth progress, but it is progress, nonetheless.  He is even getting creative and taking the initiative to try new foods without me always prodding him along. 

For instance, last night’s supper was a mere collection of leftovers we pulled from the fridge.  Of his own initiative, Lincoln dumped the whole of a huge container of scrambled eggs on his plate, sliced bananas on top and sprinkled his concoction with black pepper.

He ate it.  Or part of it, at least.  It really was a HUGE amount of eggs.  Aside from Lincoln’s finicky food preferences, we are also having that “eyes are too big for his belly” issue.  Sidney suffers from this problem too.

When I asked Lincoln if his eggs were good, he said, “Yep, but they sure are filling!”

Guess what he got to finish eating for breakfast the next morning?

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