I’ve been puttering with my blog

and changing little things here and there.

I want to point out my accomplishment since anyone who knows me should know that I don’t really DO computers.  I can do wordprocessing and I can do internet searches, but that’s it. Zip.  And I’m not real motivated to learn anything else, especially when I can just call out “Huuuuuuuuuuuu-neeeeeeeeee!” when I need to know something.

But for some odd reason, I felt vaguely interested in putting links on my blog.  And I DID IT!  Really.  Little ole me.  I’m not going to even pretend that I know what I did.  Because I don’t.  I just looked at some code (or whatever you call it, might as well be hieroglyphics to me) showing how someone else did it and copied and pasted that code.  Sometimes it came out wrong and I had to tinker with it, trial and error until it came out right.

So now, anyone with the slightest interest in the movies listed in the sidebar can click on the movie title and become informed.  I don’t have links for all of them.  It is seriously hard to find decent links out there.  I will add more as time and interest allow.

Now, maybe in another few years, I will be curious enough about other blog options to try to learn something new.  But as for now, I really don’t want to know what Meebo or Akismet or del.icio.us mean.  And I’ll probably never want to learn how to access my cell phone messages.

One thought on “I’ve been puttering with my blog

  1. i can teach you how to retrieve phone messages. after all, you want to know what i have to say. right?

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