More family culture

I boiled eggs for this morning’s breakfast.  While I sliced tomatoes and did the other last minute meal prep things that Mom’s do, I noted, in a flash of unusual clarity I might add, each individual drama during this morning’s meal.

Sid stood very straight and leaned at a 30 degree angle into the counter with his forehead pressed into the upper cabinet while he peeled his eggs.  I’ve never seen anybody peel eggs that way, but he appeared to be very relaxed.  Prairie sat in her chair loudly singing “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. . . . . .”  Rachel mewled that her egg was too hot to peel.  Lincoln, looking half-awake and with patches of hair sticking straight out, dropped his egg on the floor.  His expression was half-grumbly and half-comical as he drew out a dramatic sigh and stared at it for 5 longs seconds.  He finally got up and crawled under the table to retrieve his now hairy and crumb-y egg.  Sorry, I don’t sweep under my table every 5 minutes, so its a jungle down there.

The whole scene is already causing me to giggle silently when Sidney cracks his egg against his forehead, then sighs and with barely a hint of disgust in his voice says, “I bet Billy Carter cracks his eggs against his forehead.”

I heard Sid stifle a laugh, and I wondered how many people would have a clue who and what my 9-year-old is referencing.  Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Louis could probably figure it out, but I’m betting no one else does.

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