More Cape Hatteras pictures

In case someone wants to see more of Hatteras than just the local wastewater systems —-


Our view from the beach house.  Sid is wearing the black shirt and beige hat.  Rachel is the tiny, tiny figure about 10 feet to his left in blue shorts and a white shirt.


The kids snorkeling in the sound.  This was a great place for the little kids and for the big kids on rough ocean days.  We would like to go back and rent kayaks.  It is a safe place for the kids to learn kayaking with the shallow, calm water.


At the ferry loading dock, waiting our turn to drive onto the ferry.


We pass another ferry leaving Ocracoke.


Yet another ferry leaving Ocracoke.  Most of Ocracoke Island looks like that — no buildings, no signs of development, just dunes, grass, mishapen trees, ocean and sound.  Thirteen miles inland, there is a tiny village.  The ferry is the only way on and off the island.




The next series of photos, I think of as “Sid Relaxing on the Outer Banks.”

Ahhhh, the sweet peace of a good card game with a monkey hanging off your head.  Everyone should experience it.  Think we could make money selling this vacation experience?


I like this photo, because I had no idea that my husband would ever voluntarily sit down and work a jigsaw puzzle.  And it struck me as funny that he would do it here.  I stood beside him , looking from him to the view outside the window:

I guess the ocean waves wore him down and put him in a mellow mood slightly different from his usual Sid-mellow mood.


While I do find this to be an unusual way for most people to unwind and relax, this is a fairly typical way for Sid.

A closer look at Sid’s idea of vacation fun and relaxation.  He became fascinated with, you know, the whole earth thing and how it’s round and all.  The kind of things that people like me just take for granted and don’t really think about much.  I mean I was busy reading a good fictional novel about vampires.  So anyway, after Sid and my 9-year-old had some kind of intellectual discussion about the earth’s . . . . . the earth’s . . . . . . .well, you know, it’s roundness, Sid began to calculate and figure.  I think he even multiplied something.

2 thoughts on “More Cape Hatteras pictures

  1. o how i love reading your entries about time at the beach. i felt like i was there. i can see through your words what a wonderful relaxing time it was. i smiled, laughed, giggled and felt the love. i feel so fornuate to be part of your wonderful family. love bree

  2. fornuate? I don’t know what that means, but it doesn’t have a nice sound to it. I’m so sorry that my family makes you feel fornuate.

    And might I add? —-I can see through YOUR words how biased you are in my favor, dear sister.

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