An incredible, amazing discovery . . . . . .

that has changed my life.  And I’m going to share it with it you, so this information can change your life too.

You see, we really enjoy guacomole.  I like to make a big batch of it to eat with our burritos for supper and have leftover guac to eat with scrambled eggs later in the week.  The problem is that the avocado in the guacomole does not keep well, even sealed up and refrigerated.  Within hours, it always has a dark green yucky-looking film over it.  I was successful keeping it fresh if I used my foodsaver to suck the air out and seal it, but this only worked about 60% of the time.

This week, my son Sidney discovered a cookbook for kids on our bookshelves and pulled it down to read.  The kids’ cookbook had a recipe for guacomole and a tip for keeping it fresh:  store the guacomole WITH its pit.  We tested it.  It works!

This is what’s left of the guacomole I made 2 days ago, looking just as fresh and scrumptious as when I made it.

No longer do I have to haul out the cutting board and knife and slave over chopped onions and garlic every single time I’m in the mood for a little guacamole.  Now I (and you) have the knowledge to make HUGE batches of guacamole ahead of schedule and it will stay lovely and fresh whenever we want to grab some from the fridge. 

Now go forth and multiply the guacamole!

3 thoughts on “An incredible, amazing discovery . . . . . .

  1. That is extremely interesting! We’re not big on guacamole around here, but I’ve noticed the brown stuff on the avocado because that’s usually one of the first foods I give to my babies. Now I want to know WHY?!

  2. Not sure why. Maybe it acts like an oxygen absorber? I suppose we could test the avocado pit with something else . . . . . . . . .maybe a potato, since potatoes turn brown when exposed to air too. Maybe I’ll get Sidney to seal a sliced potato in a jar with the avocado pit and see if the potato turns brown. I am betting though, that whatever works in that pit is fairly specific to the avocado.

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