The Kitchen

For the long-distanced relatives who have requested pictures of the house, we will start with the kitchen . . . . . . . . . .

My armoire cabinet on the right doesn’t have pulls yet, because I can’t find the style that seems to fit yet.


My giant island.  I did not quite envision it that big.  I was a bit intimidated when I first saw it, but I have adjusted.  Not sure why the cabinet doors above the fridge are open, but it allows you a peek at my shelf dividers which I love.


The island from a different angle — when standing at the stove, I can look directly into the dining area and further into the living room.


Same island.  Different angle.  Ahhh, there is that little cookbook in which Sidney found our delightful guacamole discovery.  Pumpkin bread on the stove.  Scrumptious.


Another refreshing island angle.  Note the extra “hidden” storage underneath.  At least it will be hidden one day when we buy stools.  Please ignore the miscellaneous junk on the island, including the switch I use to beat my children, the 30 + year old Kansas honey, and the collection of pharmaceuticals that keep me functioning.


I really love the cabinet over my fridge because my trays, cookie sheets, chopping boards, etc. are finger-tip accessible.


The left countertop is 2 inches higher than the right countertop.  I am hoping this will alleviate the shoulder and back strain I often feel when standing and chopping veggies.


The sink.  Sid cut, routed, and installed the beech countertops.  It was very difficult wood to deal with, very dense.  The way he set the faucet behind the sink was his design.  He did amazingly detailed work, especially for a man who usually lacks patience for that kind of detail work.  It was really a show of love for me, the dear man.  He wanted my kitchen to be beautiful.

The space to the left of the sink is for a second dishwasher.  Which has raised more than a few eyebrows from folks.  A homeschooling family of six who lives every day at home and eats 3 meals a day at home makes a lot of dirty dishes.  When we were running our dishwasher twice a day and still having a sink full of dirty dishes, even with me handwashing the big posts, Sid decided a second dishwasher was in order.  I resisted at first because it did seem excessive.  But when we considered the cost of a dishwasher to how much it is used (daily) and the life of the machine and the fact that we were actually buying TIME with it, it seemed a more reasonable purchase to me.  Certainly a much wiser expenditure than many other things we could and do spend money on.  So there is my unasked-for opinion on second dishwashers.  That will teach you to read my blog.


The pulls on the island drawers.



The door pulls on the island.


Drawer pulls on the white cabinets.


The door pulls on the white cabinets.

This concludes the kitchen tour.  I’ve got a kitchen to go clean.

3 thoughts on “The Kitchen

  1. You are welcome. I am fortunate to have lovely people who are interested in my good fortune. I am looking forward to painting the walls to warm it up a bit. Now I’ve got some serious work to do on your mother’s kitchen. Care to help me out there? It may require you to drive in from Tennessee.

  2. Yeah, I’ve already got her floor plan ready. 🙂 If you can light a fire under her, I’ll surely come. I’ve been “nagging” (her word) her about it for months!

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