Happy Birthday Prairie

My baby turned 3 this past Wednesday.  This is the first time I’ve ever had a 3-year-old and NOT had a babe-in-arms too.  There is 30 months between Sidney and Lincoln;  29 months between Lincoln and Rachel and 20 months between Rachel and Prairie. 

So, it is an odd feeling — for my baby to be 3.  And to not have another baby right behind her.

This kid is all Sid.  She looks like him and has his rubbery, bounce-back-after-every-setback-personality.  She is a joy to all of us. 

Except to big sister Rachel, when Rachel wants to play with Prairie’s stuffed horse or stuffed kitty.  Then Rachel’s thunderous expression makes it clear that she is thinking less than joyful thoughts about her little sister.  But many times, Prairie does share her horse and kitty and Rachel is amazed and sweetly grateful for little sister’s generosity.

So, to be completly honest, maybe I should say Prairie is a joy to most of us, even to big sister Rachel (some of the time).

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