9-year-old perspective on his little sis

Rachel and Prairie have played with wedgits building their own things for years.  But I introduced Rachel to the wedgit cards this week.  The wedgit cards have a picture of a wedgit creation, and the challenge is for Rachel to look at the card and figure out how to replicate the wedgit structure. 

Rachel was intent and focused on the cards and replicated the wedgit structures quickly.  Big brother Sidney watched her, clearly impressed and commented, “My little Rachel, she’s growing up.”

One thought on “9-year-old perspective on his little sis

  1. oh she is so smart! maybe she will be an engineer or an architecture. hehe! i have 4 nehews and nieces i can tell what to do with their lives. it never worked with their mom. oh well, one can only try.

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