I’m working up the courage

to sew some window treatments for our new house of many windows without curtains.  Fortunately, we are in the woods, so we don’t need curtains on all the windows.  I can probably manage some cafe curtains for the window beside the potty.  Never know when a bear or Grandpa might be traipsing around in the woods. 

I have two rooms that get a lot of the sun’s heat, which is great right now when it’s cold.  Probably won’t be so great next summer.  I need more than little cafe curtains for these windows.  The problem is that nice pretty curtains are expensive.  I hate blinds because the slats get grimy and I’m too lazy to clean each individual slat.  I love Roman shades, but they cost a fortune.

So I was kind of ignoring this problem until I happened across this website.  Terrell, the owner of this website, has some very detailed instructions on how to make roman shades.  She has videos too, and she has almost convinced me that I, too, can make lovely Roman shades fairly easily.

Just an idea I’ve got percolating at the back of my brain.  I’m not committing or anything.  Maybe if I share Terrell’s website with enough people, somebody else will try it first and then tell me if it is really as easy as she makes it look.

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