Can you name this song? – correction

Okay, I was having trouble getting the link in my previous post to work.  Hopefully, it is corrected.  I also linked it to a less disturbing video, one that simply shows the song lyrics.  Though I think the other video is deeply moving.

And regarding the “willow deeply scarred,” I had decided that somebody wrote the lyrics wrong and that he is really saying “WIDOW deeply scarred.”  I searched several song lyric sites, but they all say willow, not widow.  I’m feeling slightly obsessive about this.

3 thoughts on “Can you name this song? – correction

  1. Maybe it’s talking about someone having carved their names into a tree. But then they broke up. And willow trees are sad? Because of the weeping?

    I don’t know and I’ve never heard this song. Thanks for making me feel young, when just last week I felt very old when Sarah didn’t know who OJ Simpson was.

  2. Okay, after I went and listened to the song, I remembered it. I don’t remember much of Michael’s songs coming out other than that one that was in Free Willy.

    I do remember doing a dance routine for a PTA presentation to “Beat It.” I don’t think I knew who sang it at the time.

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