not one single picture

I had thought to do a huge Thanksgiving post with lots of family pictures.  Kind of hard to do that when I left the camera sitting in the Suburban the whole day.

But I did get 24 jars of peanut butter and a bag of books from my sister-in-law, Sandra.  I’m kind of obsessive about my peanut butter.  And about good books. 

So I was feeling particularly thankful this Thanksgiving.  I had lots of peanut butter and good books.

And oh yeah, the whole family thing.  Gotta feel thankful for family.  But did I mention how happy I was about my peanut butter and new reading material?  And the very real heartfelt gratitude I felt for my sister-in-law who brought me these goodies?

2 thoughts on “not one single picture

  1. It’s OK, Tina. We brought our camera and actually got it out of the van. But all we got was a bunch of pictures of Chloe (and a smidge of Prairie since she was playing w/ Chloe). No family members that we haven’t seen since last Thanksgiving. Or even family members that we have seen more recently. Sigh.

  2. Same, here. I was wrestling the turkey and busy with ‘stuff’ and completely forgot to get my camera out. Bummer!

    Your dessert sounds like something I could eat on my new South Beach diet venture.

    Carla has a good excuse for not remembering 🙂 If you don’t know what I’m talking about then just ask Sandy.


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