I have failed in my child training

Somehow, it escaped my attention that I had not taught my 3rd child to properly handle dishes still wet from the dishwasher.  Rachel and Prairie have been helping me unload the dishwasher for over a year.  Most of the time the dishes are dry, but occassionally, we need to unload before they have completely dried.

Yesterday morn began with me feeling gloriously triumphant.  While I made breakfast, my boys were hard at work in the schoolroom (or at least I was in the mood to assume they were hard at work) and the girls were working together harmoniously to unload the dishwasher.  Any mom of multiple children understands the bliss to be enjoyed in these brief moments when it seems all your hard work in training has paid off.

Then my Rachel, who is concientous about putting up dishes, notices wet droplets on the plate in her hands.  “Oh Mama,”  she says, “it is wet.” 

“It’s okay, Mama.  I’ll lick it.”

At least she is creative in her problem solving.

SO . . . . . . .wanna come eat supper at our house?  I’ll try to make sure you get an unlicked plate. 

We won’t even use the handles of our eating utensil to clean out our ears.  Within your eyesight.  I promise.  We’ll be on our best behavior.

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