More Christmas fun

Okay, I started out reading Dickens’ A Christmas Carol aloud to the children a few days ago.  We laboriously trudged through the first chapter.  I keep thinking I will attempt Chapter 2 soon.  I would like the kids to have a general idea of the storyline before we watch the film with George C. Scott.

I don’t know though.  I beginning to think that enjoying Dickens as a literary read is overrated.  And why bother when there are sooooooo many great Dickens film adaptations out there anyway?  Maybe we’ll get by with the George C. Scott version and the Muppet version.  Don’t tell the literary police what I’m meditating.

Meanwhile, tonight the crew gathered around youtube to watch . . . . . . . .

A Charlie Brown Christmas.

2 thoughts on “More Christmas fun

  1. I’ve read the real version. I remember that there were pages and pages and pages of descriptions of food.

    However, I do know a fair amount of lines from the book, but that’s because I heard them in the Muppet version. For a silly puppet show, it uses a lot of actual material. And it’s much more likely to stick with your children than reading the book, because Gonzo the Great said it.

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