My charming son

who was working on his math in the schoolroom while I sat at the laptop in the dining room, sniffing, sneezing, and fighting the urge to lay down, just walks in with his math book.  He plops it down on the other end of the table and says, “I think I’ll do my math opposite you, because you are so beautiful.”  Then he walks over to give me a hug and kiss and adds, “even if your hair is a rat’s nest.”

The turkey.

But this kid, he just keeps them coming.  Fifteen minutes later, I stand up, declaring my intention to find my pillow.  But first, I wanted to start some rice cooking for supper.  Sidney stands up to leave the room, but then declares, “First, I have some business to attend to.  I must give you a kiss.”

I hug him.  “You charmer, you.”

“I am Prince Charming,” he says.  And with purposeful pompousness, he adds, “I am as wonderful as I think I am.”

When I giggle, he smiles and says, “well, actually, I’m as wonderful as YOU think I am.”


The phrase “I am as wonderful as I think I am” comes from WordGirl, a surprisingly clever little PBS cartoon.  The kids (and Sid) have watched and rewatched WordGirl clips online.

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