I’ve been busy.

Way to busy to blog.  That is what happens when a woman’s husband isn’t working as much as usual, so he is home more than usual.

It has been nice having Sid home more, and he has been so helpful building shelves, moving things, fixing things, eating things.  Actually the eating things hasn’t been very helpful.  It just means I cook more, which is hard to mind when he is so appreciative of the majority of meals I cook.  He is easy to please.

So we have all been busy here.  After the influx of Christmas entertaining and guests, we have cleaned and organized and straightened.  That was weeks ago, though and all the cleaning and organizing and straightening  is messed up and needs to be done over again.  Thought I would mention that in case anybody visits and says, “Hey, I thought you all had been busy cleaning, organizing and straightening.”

I’ve rearranged the schoolroom, so that it is more convenient for 4 kids and a mom.  The boys get up and start their school before breakfast.  The girls and I join them after breakfast chores.  The boys are doing more work than ever and actually seem to enjoy it, especially their geography study.  I was given a geography study by a homeschool mom, so I could “test” it and give feedback.  I spent a whole weekend putting the resources together and altering it to make it fit our needs.

Through this one geography study, the boys are learning so many new things —– how to research, take notes, use notes to write up a narration or report, how to make lapbooks, art and to make independent decisions regarding study and how to present information.  This “homemade curriculum” is working beautifully for us,  and has encouraged me to create more of our own curriculum to save money.

We have also just begun our formal history study using Tapestry of Grace, which follows the classical method of studying history in chronological order.   We’ll see how it goes, but expect we will enjoy it as it lends itself to much flexibility and allows us to tailor it to our preferences.

And what else?

Oh yeah, I made curtains!  My first curtains ever! 

And they are lined!

And I didn’t follow a pattern!

I was so happy to take down the old towel that was hanging in the window, that we had a little curtain-hanging ceremony.

Lincoln does his “Me male, protect little female” routine.


Took this shot in the mirror trying to get both windows in the frame.


See the professional-looking lining?

Just nod your head and smile encouragingly.  Don’t burst my bubble.  It’s just a little bubble.

2 windows down.  33 to go.

I have my Aunt Sylvia to thank for these curtains.  I couldn’t understand many of the instruction online, so I studied a pair she made very closely and did my best to copy her.  Turned out pretty good, heh? (Don’t forget my bubble!)

Sid had asked that I make curtains for the bathrooms right away, and I finally made these and put them up . . . . . .oh, 4 months later.  When he saw them this week, he said, “Thank you for my curtains.”

Our bathroom is next, and then I hope to tackle Roman shades for the girls room.

2 thoughts on “I’ve been busy.

  1. no bubbles will be burst, oh my sister, you are so smart and clever. i had no doubt that your curtains would be no less than perfect….just like you! i can’t wait to see them. love your equally smart and talented sister..just a little older and more experienced. love you, bree

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